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"Unsustainable agricultural and aquaculture practices present the greatest immediate threat to species and ecosystems around the world" – WWF.

SEM is passionate about these problems.

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Waste from the energy industry can last for centuries, that’s why SEM is committed to working towards a reusable, recyclable and a zero-discharge future.

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Water is at the heart of everything we do on the planet. Whether it is for keeping us clean, moving or alive clean water is no longer a would like, but a must have! Don’t believe us? Ask UNICEF.

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SEM News SEM Manure Management Manure Management for Agriculture

Greater Government investment in manure storage is a key component of a post-Brexit plan for farming put forward by a powerful lobbying group. However, we have developed a new system for manure management which could reduce the overall spend rather than increase it.

SEM Manure Management Manure Management for Agriculture
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"Where there are animals, there is animal waste......."

Farming Waste
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SEM enter period of manufacture and testing.

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Embracing technology to deliver pioneering products and solutions. We’re at our happiest when pushing boundaries. We thrive on the challenge of building a bridge between traditional solutions, and the ways in which innovation can deliver.

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